Beauty tips are always necessary and with the Internet, they are basically everywhere. You will find many secrets on how to style your hair, contour your face or trim your eyebrows like a pro. These little beauty secrets will keep you always trendy and ready to look your best, no matter the occasion.

So, here are the best of the best beauty tips out there that you should know by heart. Some of them are really easy, while others will take some getting used to. But in the end, all of them will make you shine and be at your best.


  • Use conditioner to shave


If you ran out of shaving cream, but need to shave your legs, don’t worry. There is an easy solution for this which is actually as good as shaving cream. Instead of using soap, rub hair conditioner on your legs and let it stay a few seconds. This will soften the hair and you will not only remove it more easily but also your skin will be silky to the touch.



  • De-puff your eyes with potato


If you have a problem with puffy eyes, just look in your pantry for some potato, wash it well and cut it into slices. Then lie down, put those slices on your eyes and enjoy some relaxing time with soft music or audiobook. Potatoes will prevent water retention and decrease dark circles under your eyes since they contain enzyme catalase. In the end, you only have to rinse your eyes with some lukewarm water and you are ready to go.

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  • Remove the pimples


No matter the age, we all get pimples once in a while and they can truly ruin our day. If you put makeup on the fresh pimple it can get inflamed and might look even worse. Since toothpaste seems to irritate the skin more, have a tea tree oil on hand to spread it on the pimple. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory so your pimple will be gone in a healthy and unharmful way.  



  • Make your manicure last


In order to make that nail polish last longer, wipe your fingers with acetone-based cleanser. This will remove any dirt, oil and other ingredients that may prevent the polish from adhering to the nail surface better. If you want to dry the nail polish faster, just put your fingers in the cold water after you finished coating them. It’s a useful and easy trick to make the process faster and be able to do other things with your hands.   


  • Make curls in a healthy way


Wavy hair is something many women want, but not all have. Instead of using curlers and rollers which are uncomfortable and will frizzle your hair, or hair styler that will scorch it, try some simple braiding. Depending on what type of curly you want, you can do a fishbone hair braid for bigger ones, or several ones for smaller ones. Do it on wet hair and go to sleep, in the morning you will have some amazing curly to show off.  



  • Perfect cat-eye


Cat-eye is something that will give you a fresh look without too much effort. Choose the eye gel and buy a thin liner brush since this will give you the most room to correct the mistakes. It won’t come out right from the start, but with some practice, you will be able to create a perfect cat-eye in a couple of minutes. Pair this look with eyelash extensions for a natural look, and you will have a perfect makeup for day and night, as well be prepared for any event and highlight your eyes effortlessly.


  • Dry shampoo as a fast fix


Did you ever overslept in the morning and didn’t have time to wash your hair? Well, that happened to all of us, but now you can easily fix that with some dry shampoo. Just spray it on your roots and ruffle your hair with your fingers to give it volume. In just a few seconds you will look as though you just washed and styled your hair. However, don’t use this shampoo all the time, but more as an emergency measure, since it can cause dandruff.



  • Make your lipstick last longer


Lipstick tends to crumple on our lips and start disappearing after a while, but we can’t fix it every time that happens. To look impeccable, put on a lipstick and then soak it with a tissue. Apply another coat of lipstick and put the tissue over your lips. Then use the brush to apply face powder over it. This technique will allow small powder particles to pass through the tissue and onto your lips which will turn the color matte.


You know best your routines and which beauty tips to look for to make them easier and better. These are perfect techniques when you’re in a hurry and need some quick solutions. Or, if you are not a fan of spending too much time in beautifying yourself.