The Duke Finally Falls in Love

Author: Cosmas Nwokafor
Classic European prose – A comedy prose.
It is regarded as a comedy prose/fiction because it is a story that ended on a happy note. Also, it is termed a European Prose because the Place Setting of the story is bounded within England: a typical English society of the 19th century. Though, the story starts (from the prologue) in Boston, even though it didn’t give any descriptive picture of the American society.
This work embraces the two types of settings in a fiction. These two types are Time Setting and Place Setting.
Place Setting: In this work, the Place Setting is in the western part of Europe, England, precisely. The places used in carving out the stories are actually real places that are extant, though some may have been restructured or no longer popular. For instance, London, Wilding, Weston, Harwood, and others. However, there are other places that are merely imaginative creations, which are not real geographical places, but structures and architectural constructions, such as the Blaydon Mansion, The Whites, Hare and the Hounds, etc. Generally, the gamut of the Place Setting in this work settles within England, though, the story took off from Boston in Massachusetts which didn’t actually paint a picture of the American society, but only found its place here as a take-off point in the Prologue.
Time Setting: Historically, the English society is highly reputable for its contribution to literary work, especially during the Victorian era. The Duke Finally Falls in Love is set at the period when arts and literature blossomed in Europe: particularly in the 19th century. It is a careful attempt to relive the period aristocracy of fag end of the English society when aristocracy held sway: a callback to the English society of the early 19th century.
Main Characters:
The story is studded with interesting characters. The characters were used indirectly. By indirectly, I mean that the work does not give a pointed description of the characters by telling straight the quality of the characters, rather the characters are known through their actions and through what they think.
The work, The Duke Finally Falls in Love has two major characters that are used to establish the theme of the story. However, there are also quasi-major characters that played complementary roles. I shall take out time to examine the two major characters who form the anchor of this story, then I shall discuss two other quasi-major characters, and finally, I shall look at two minor characters.
Emma Dunster: Emma is an American bred youngster who is the only child of a big-time American businessman in Boston, Massachusetts, John Dunster. John Dunster owns the Dunster Shipping company, and as a result, Emma received high-class training in the American of that period.
She is one of the two major characters upon whose action, the whole story revolves. The story captures her at the age of 20. When John Dunster suggested that she should travel to London to spend time with her relatives living in London.
Countess Caroline is the sister to John Dunster and is Married to Count Henry. Emma has a fund relationship with her forebears, Arabella Blydon and Ned who are her cousins.
John Dunster wanted to divert her rigid crave to run the Dunster Shipping on the premise that it is not a woman’s duty. In spite of Emma’s resistance to travel out of Boston, John Dunster managed to convince her to go.
Two months into her sojourn in London, in one of her escapades, Emma met with the Duke of Ashburn, His Grace, Alexander Edward Ridgely and his sister, Sophie on the streets of London in an accident that threatened her health and life. From their, the spark of affection began to Kindle between these two fellows of different cultures, but both of the aristocratic class.
Emma traveled to England with the stern opinion not to fall in love or marry outside America because of her desire to manage the Dunster Shipping. As well, she left Boston as a virgin, but when she met the Duke of Ashburn, the story changed.
Not just her own making, but she was able to divorce her thoughts of returning to America to get married through the sly plot from her aunt, Bell, Sophie, Dutches Eugenia and a number of other slime plotters.
But at the end, Emma was happy.
Alexander Edward Ridgely: Alex was 29 years when he met Emma. He was notorious for his refusal to get married and have an heir for the position of the Duke of Ashburn. He feared that most women who came his way were only interested in his position, wealth and good looks. Alex never truly found any woman who he could see genuine love in her eyes.
A bit flirtatious, Alex only has a number of mistresses with whom he treated with levity. Despite all pressures from all quarters of people who could relate with him Alex kept a strong resolve not to marry until he is 40 years.
His mother, Dutches Eugenia and his sister, Sophie were particularly keen about him getting married soonest. His friends, including William Dunford, mounted pressures on him, however, Alex would not bulge. He doesn’t believe in love. Though he enjoys much of reverence due to his position, his celibacy could not deter the respect he naturally inherited.
At the time, Balling was a common occasion among nobles and aristocratic elites in England, the Duke never attends them. His first time to attend a ball was the day he met Emma. To him, Emma was such an awesome beauty wrapped in a woman of common virtue: this is because, the first day he met, Emma, she was disguised as a maiden.
Emma tried to rescue his nephew, Charlie – son of Sophie. She had an accident in the course of the rescue mission and became unconscious. Alex tried to resuscitate the poor girl, and when she eventually revived, Alex took a closer look at her, not consciously, then he discovered the exception in her: She is something different from the person she is wrapped in.
Though Emma still tries to hide her true self, she exposed herself when she spoke in a language only people of nobility can manage. Alex became more curious, from there onwards, Alex could no longer settle his mind to let her go without knowing who she was.
This led to a build-up, which eventually brought about an addiction to both love birds. And in a sly orchestra in Westonbirt, Alex gave Emma the first sexual arousal that changed her mind forever. It was a sizzling romance in a garden, which made Emma discover the inexplicable experience that comes from a man who knows how to touch a woman into extreme ecstasy.
This memorial episode loosened Emma until she lost her virginity in Alex’s private room where no woman has ever entered.
Arabella Blydon: Arabella daughter to Count Caroline who is sister to John Dunster. In the story, she is constantly referred to as, Bell.
Bell is a strong confidant to Emma, as well they have fund relationship that bonds them together. She is of very close age range with Emma, studious and articulate. Bell is very instrumental to the weaving of this story, through her side of a conversation, the story received a lot of support to expatriate to the reading audience, indirectly, the courses of actions.
Bell, aside from episodes that directly concerns Emma, has her own side of the story that focuses on her.
Bell caught the attention of a notorious noble, Viscount Anthony Benton Woodside. Though a repudiating character, Woodside tries both tricks and brutality to take Bell to the altar for marriage.
First, he tries wooing her appealingly, secondly, her swindles upon Ned in a gambling match which made Ned £10,000 indebted to him. And because Ned cannot offset the bill, he gives the option that Ned should persuade Bell his sister to marry him.
Neither Emma nor Bell ever has any admiration for him, Emma swore never to see that materialized. Emma developed a plan to steal out the receipt that satisfied the claim. Emma led the successful plot that stole off the receipt.
On the use of brutality, when Woodside hatched a successful plot by abducting Bell with a plan to take her to the altar by force, Emma stumbled into the plot and dissolved it. The latter end of which a brief scene of bloody actions took place, involving the use of guns. There were casualties, anyway, but no one died. Alex was shot on the scene, however, he survived it.
It is also worthy of note that Bell played a vital role that ushered in the successful unionization of the Duke and her cousin, Emma.
Count Caroline Blydon:
From the beginning of the story, you notice a conspiracy between her and John Dunster in Boston, to persuade Emma to travel to London.
In her heart, she secretly desired for Emma to get married to a Londoner. She organized a ball that hosted more than 400 attendants. Her major reason was that she wants to introduce Emma to the notable dignitaries in London. It was, however, a success, as many male attendants strove to gain Emma’s attention.
It was this ball that brought the Duke most closer to demystifying the Emma whom he first knew as a maid in the Blydon Mansion. He was surprised to see that maid in a resplendent, adorable and aristocratic appearance. Though, it was that same Emma whom he first knew as a maid that made him attend the first ball in London.
From that point, he was much attached in heart and body to this elegant beauty.
Dutches Eugenia:
Dutches Eugenia is so much concerned about his son’s attitude towards the issue to marriage.
She had traveled all the way from Westonbirt to attend the ball at Blydon Mansion. She learns about Emma and also got to know his son’s mild attachment to her. The Dutches desired such a damsel for his son. So she pops up a discussion on that with Sophie her daughter. When Alex came to say pleasantries to his mother when he noticed her, the Dutches triggers up the topic. Alex waved it and walked away.
The Dutches now sets a plot: she is inviting the Blydons to her Westenburt home. With this invitation, both Emma and the Duke will be available, and they will set the ball rolling.
She is actually a contemporary of Count Caroline as regarding age. She is in her mid-fifties. She played a very important role, however, due to her scarce presence throughout the course of the story, she is considered a minor character.
Another very important minor character is John Dunster.
John Dunster: He only appeared once, however, his role became the starter of the story.
He is the father of the lead character and the brother to Count Caroline, who started the ball that led to the meeting of both love tangos.
John Dunster is in his late fifties and is much satisfied with his simple life in Boston.
The Plot:
The Duke Finally Fall in Love is woven in a very simple plot.
The plot opens with the start through to the middle and unto the end. It is plotted in chronological order.
It starts with a prologue, in an argument between Emma and her father, John Dunster, who tries to persuade her to travel to London and see the world. Fortunately for John, Emma heeds the persuasion and finds herself in London.
Two months afterward she hits the street of London in an attempt to do a job which she is not cut out for. To do this, she must disguise herself as a maid, lest she will be taken note of. Whilst in this disguised appearance, she meets Alex in an incidence that threatened her life and health.
That same day, a ball that was to hold in her honor brought the Duke to the Blydon ball – his first ball appearance.
When he met Emma in her fainted state, Emma told him that she is a maid in the Blaydon and that her name is Meg. But her speech and beauty betrayed her claims. Alex proved further, but she lied about it.
The climax started when Alex attended the ball. He saw that same maid in her gorgeous appearance, but with a different name. Only that this time, she looks astonishing.
From this time, Alex developed a different feeling. Though, Emma noticed his charm from the first meeting, she concealed it and didn’t want to give it a consideration because she doesn’t want to get married to a Londoner.
Alex, on the other hand, is not ready for marriage, he is only interested in flirting. But with this one, he couldn’t come to terms with the mixed feeding it developed. Both of them tries to own a strong will, but the urge kept pulsating.
The development of the story that truly assured that both lovers may get married was triggered in the Westonbirt resort. There, Emma saw ‘the world’. Her feeling and everything changed.
Emma seriously waited for Alex to make an offer for marriage, but being on the ambivalence of whether or not Alex will own up, Emma got a good reason to do the strange act: she went to Alex’s house and proposed to him.
Alex was humiliated by this, though in a few days before this strange act, Alex has been rehearsing on how to make an offer to Emma. It is just in a couple of 3 days for him to make the offer as he scheduled before Emma did the strange one.
Astonished, Alex tries to find out the reason for her action. Without being patient, Alex mistook her genuine intention and hurt her feelings. From this point, the story turns into a sweet potato spiced with a little bit of vinegar.
The end of the story was that all things were resolved. They got married. In the epilogue, Emma announced to Alex that she is pregnant. Get a copy of the book “Duke Finally Falls in Love”


The work ensures dependence on literary language with a tinge of figurative language.
The language used here is a specialized language which straddles between the English language used during the early 19th century, especially among writers, and the contemporary English of our digital era.
It is a careful manipulation of twisting both ends into the story to give it a few special effects. A nostalgia of the Elizabethan arts.
Special & Attractive:
It is rare to find modern writers of fiction to express themselves in the language that was only available as far back as the early 19th Century.
In this work, there is a careful manipulation of the old Victorian English and modern English language intertwined into a blend that gives the story its special effects.
The attraction starts from the title of the work: The Duke Finally Falls in Love. Though not every fiction freak would easily get attracted to a story that starts with such title, however, it must raise an eyebrow, especially for readers who love literary archives, literary monuments, and poetry.
The prologue starts with a finesse that dares a reader to get to the bottom of the story. Going a bit further, it opens into a vista of cherishable romance and a reserve of modesty. It is not an overtly erotic piece, however, it delivers that cathartic arousal that tickles its reader’s genitals if he or she has not overcome libido through longevity.
It is a specially woven piece that has a novelty of romantic suspense scenes between the two major characters: Emma and Alex. Also, it gives readers the leverage to infer rather than to be told everything.
Total Estimated Words:
82,283 words count.