Arab culture plays an important part in the creation of Arabic perfumes. There are Arabic perfumes with unique scents that are associated with superior luxury and ancient culture. Arabic luxury perfumes are not only exotic, but also carry a trace of local traditions. The base of Arabic perfumes is usually Jasmine, oud, amber, and musk. Oud is made from the agarwood tree’s resin. It was a valuable commodity in the past, and even today, oud is still a highly sought after luxury item.

Although different types of oud have different fragrances, all have a strong, deep aroma when burned. Oud can be purchased as either chips or blocks together with a special burner. There’s also oud oil, which is popular among Emiratis who use it as a unique, long lasting perfume. It is made through a complicated extraction process.

Arabian luxury perfume

History of Arabic Perfumes

In the ancient years, Arabic merchants used to travel long distances to trade communities. They used to bring various kinds of wood and spices for creating Arabic perfumes from Asian countries. Some of the elements that play an essential role in Arabic perfumes are amber, musk, frankincense, jasmine, agarwood, and oud. Rose also plays an integral part in Arabic perfumes.

The history of Arabic perfumes dates back to the 9th century. It is believed that Abu Yusuf Yaqub bin Ishaaq al Kindi, an Abbasid Scientist, discovered a wide range of secret varieties of fragrances. He used to experiment with different plants and herbs for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and perfumes. The book that he wrote about perfumes contained over 100 recipes for fragrant oils. Jabir ibn Hayyan also contributed to Arabic perfumes. He developed new perfume-making techniques, including filtration, evaporation, and distillation.

There are two significant kinds of Arabic perfumes – oud and Bakhoor. You can also find concentrated oils and pure natural oils. Aside from its pleasant fragrance, Arabic luxury perfumes also offer a wide range of benefits.

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9 Benefits of Arabic Luxury Perfumes

  • Improves Your Appeal

One of the most important senses is the sense of smell. Perfumes are packed with pheromones, which make you more attractive.

  • Fragrance

Perfume is used to ward off undesirable body odor. It ensures that you smell great throughout the day.

  • Improves Confidence

Fragrant Arabic luxury perfumes strengthen your confidence. You won’t feel conscious of your smell. Just make sure to pick a scent that matches your personality and boosts your morale.

  • Triggers Memories

Perfumes not only ensure that you smell fresh all day, but it also triggers memories. Some fragrances can be associated with some people. For instance, your perfume might remind you of your wedding or other important events.

  • Improves Mood

Wearing perfumes can improve your mood. You can wear perfume that reflects your current mood. Whether you’re feeling timid, playful, happy or mischievous, there are various fragrances that fit different moods. Choose a perfume that suits the occasion and your mood. This will certainly lift your spirits and help you start the day with a smile.

  • Improves Health

There’s scientific evidence to establish the effectiveness of perfume’s health-boosting properties, but perfumes can help enhance the mood that can reduce stress levels and anxiety-related issues.  You can wear your favorite Arabic luxury perfume to improve your state of mind.

  • Aromatherapy

Perfumes have therapeutic and relaxing benefits. For instance, winter spice and floral perfumes help soothe the body and calm the mind. These perfumes can help reduce your stress levels as well. When you smell something good, your mood improves.

  • Helps You Sleep Better

Arabic luxury perfumes can help you sleep better at night. Perfumes that contain essential oils can help you relax and you will wake up feeling great in the morning.

  • Treats Headache

Perfumes can help treat headaches. Just don’t wear a perfume that contains essential oils which can make your headache worse. Look at the base and components of the perfume first before buying one.

How to Wear Arabic Perfume

You should know the right amount of perfume to pour. The smell of luxury Arabian perfumes is quite strong and lasts for a long time, so you should check the perfume’s concentration. Spray once and then spray 2 to 3 times in accordance with the concentration observed. Wear your perfume either behind your ears, behind your knees or on your wrists to enjoy a long lasting fragrance. By spraying perfume on these parts, you will smell fresh for a long time.

Also make sure that you mix up your scents properly. Wearing the same perfume on a regular basis will allow it to blend well with your body chemistry and the people around you won’t smell it. Mixing your smell within a few days will prevent it from fading.

Don’t spray your perfume after getting dressed up as this is not a good practice. If you want to smell great all day, you should spray the perfume before wearing your jewelry and clothes. This way, your scent will last throughout the day and your jewelry and clothes will be protected from stains as well.

It is also important that you know how long the perfume’s shelf life is. Old perfumes that have not been stored properly won’t give off a pleasant smell that lasts long. Make sure to store your perfumes in a cool and dry place. This way, you can extend the lifespan of your perfume and make sure that it will smell great.

When you travel, try to buy new perfumes as it will remind you of each trip. Your perfume will help you relive those fun moments.