SEO is important for sites to get noticed. This is how your site can be found on Google. Without a proper SEO strategy, you will miss out on a lot of leads, conversions, and traffic. Since SEO is the slowest marketing forms, it requires a proper plan and long term investment. Once, a site reaches the top rankings in Google, the traffic you will receive will be free of cost without running an ad etc. It is best to hire a proper digital marketing agency to do the work instead of handling it on your own. However, before hiring a SEO service make sure to follow the following points:

Mistakes To Avoid When Doing SEO

  1. No Proper Keyword Research & Strategy SEO is dependant on Keywords. In order for users to find your website, you need a proper keyword strategy in place. You also need to optimize your content with the right keywords to be found by Google and the other search engines. Avoid a company that does not have proper keyword research in place.
  1. Over-Optimized Keywords It is important to have a proper SEO Keyword strategy in place, but too much keyword optimization may reduce the content quality. This negatively affects SEO rankings and website traffic. This also results in decreased content readability and flow.  When content does not offer good readability, its quality gets decreased.
  1. Working On Irrelevant Keywords Working on irrelevant keywords results in a failed strategy. Keyword strategy is key to every campaign as it results in better leads, organic traffic, and relevant visitors. Keyword Planner can be used for researching keywords to list down important keywords.
  1. Plagiarized Content Just like the academic institutions, Google too is not okay with plagiarized content and penalizes sites for doing so. There are a number of tools available to check for plagiarism.
  1. Defective Link Building Do not try and trick the search engine by buying links. This is a low-quality strategy and often backfires. In case a company is not sure of building a backlink profile, they can check and read Google’s guidelines for building high-value links.

6. Inconsistent Website Updates Websites must always be updated according to the changing trends and Google guidelines. Fresh and quality content increases organic traffic with SEO rankings.

  1. Not Paying Attention to Website’s Speed Speed is also another important factor that needs to be kept in mind. Google loves sites that are loaded quickly without consuming a lot of time. This results in an improved user traffic and search rankings.