Since time immemorial, cakes have always been an important part of wedding celebrations. A wedding cannot be complete without the ritual of cake cutting ceremony. But, do you know that why people cut cakes on their wedding day? Well, there are a number of traditions associated with wedding cakes and each has a specific reason. Here are some of the most interesting wedding cake traditions that you have never heard before:

Preserving The Top Tier

Did you know that earlier a lot of couples used to freeze or preserve the top tier of their wedding cake and later use it as their 1st happy anniversary cake? Yes, this tradition says that if a couple would eat their wedding cake a year later on their first anniversary, it would bring them good luck and prosperity.

Smashing The Wedding Cake

In early Rome, the entire wedding cake used to be smashed on the bride’s head, and the guests would pick up the pieces of the cakes, to be kept for good luck. But, this tradition has evolved throughout the years and today the bride and groom smash the wedding cake on each other’s face because this adds a lot of fun to a wedding celebration.

Choosing A White Wedding Cake

Have you ever wondered why wedding cakes are always white? Well, it is because white is the color of purity and traditionally, the color white is considered auspicious for a new beginning in life. But, some stories also say that a white cake was considered as a symbol of virginity and hence a white cake was referred to as the ‘bride’s cake’.

Keeping A Piece Of Cake Under The Pillow

Another interesting and weird wedding cake tradition was that once a wedding was over, singles or maidens used to sleep with a piece of wedding cake under their pillow because this would make them dream of their future partner at that time.

Groom’s Cake

Earlier a people used to have two cakes for their weddings referred as the “Bride’s cake and the Groom’s cake”. Traditionally, the bride’s cake was a white cake and the groom’s cake used to be baked with dark chocolate in contrast to the white cake. This tradition is making a comeback and people have already started including a groom’s cake for their weddings.

Kissing Over The Wedding Cake

In the middle ages, there was this tradition where the bride and the groom were supposed to kiss over the cake because doing so was believed to make their marriage a long lasting one. But, only if you do so without damaging the cake.

Lucky Charms

Earlier some lucky charms like a ring or a flower or a wedding bell were placed inside the wedding cake. And, according to this tradition, whosoever would get that lucky charm would be the next one to get married.

So, if you are planning to get married soon, follow one of these weird cake tradition to add more fun to your wedding day.