Web design is much beyond the aesthetic appeal of your business website. It is one of the key elements that determine the success of the SEO strategy as well. It determines not only the way your visitors perceive you but also the way search engines visualize you. Also, the fact that the user interface design of a site has an impact on the user experience it delivers makes it critical from the ranking perspective. No wonder, even a slight flaw in your website’s design can put your SEO strategy at risk. Here are the most common web design errors that you should avoid to get your SEO at the top of performance levels.


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Not paying attention to navigation

Intuitive navigation is the mainstay of a winning design. It enables the user to move through the entire journey seamlessly, without having to pause and understand the steps of navigation. No matter how much effort you invest in creating exceptional content and design elements, a poor navigational structure renders them useless. If you are not ensuring that the navigation is well optimized, you will probably experience a high bounce rate and returning visitors. This will obviously harm your site’s rankings in the long run.

Not striking a balance between text and images

When it comes to the design elements on your site, you will need to strike a balance between images and text works. While text gets you an insight of search engines, images are essential for engaging the users and creating an optimal user experience. Unless you are able to achieve the fine balance between the two, you will not be able to get desired results in the form of high rankings and better user experiences. Using text-over-image techniques with CSS is a feasible solution to this daunting challenge.


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Not testing the design elements thoroughly

Besides having the right design elements in the right places, it is essential to ensure that they work seamlessly under all conditions. After all, there is no use having Call To Action buttons if they are not driving the desired actions when the user clicks them. Similarly, if the elements are not responsive, they will cause the user experience to get worse with every click. Not testing the design elements of your websites is another common mistake that has a bad impact on SEO results. The best way to resolve this flaw is to have experts like https://www.digitrio.com.sg/seo/ handle the design, testing, and on-page optimization for your website.

Not prioritizing the page loading speed

If you are not ensuring an optimal loading speed for your website, you are not doing the favor to the site’s SEO. Even the best looking website will not be able to rank because Google will penalize it for being slow. Moreover, even if the user does make it to your site, the probability of leaving will be high because of the slow loading pages and elements. And there are chances that they will never be back again, considering the poor experience they get the first time on the site. All in all, this spells bad news for your site’s SEO.


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Overlooking responsiveness in design

Since mobile experiences matter a lot according to Google’s latest search algorithm, not having a responsive design can be a killer for your SEO ranking. Therefore, your web designers need to avoid this mistake and ensure that they create a responsive design that delivers consistent experiences irrespective of the device being used to access the website. Design and test the design time and again to ensure its responsiveness across diverse devices and browsers.

Not having a proper 404 error page

A 404 error page forms a key element of any website’s design and you can have a custom design to make it eye-catching. However, being creative with their design does not mean that you can overlook the more essential factors. If you do so, you will end up doing more harm than good to your site’s ranking. For example, if you fail to redirect the 404 pages properly, it may be recognized as a broken link and reduce your search ranking.
All these mistakes seem small ones but their implications can be far-reaching because they can cast a negative influence on your site rankings. Therefore, it becomes essential to partner with a team that has expert web designers and SEO specialists to take care of the entire aspects of your online presence. Even if you have to spend a little extra on this, the investment is worthwhile because it determines the sustenance and growth of your business.


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