Style, colors and themes are only some of the few factors that need your consideration when choosing furniture for your home. You have to place the right furniture in the right spot, accommodate enough space for storage while avoiding clutter and so on. Sideboards are a great solution to your storage problems. Contemporary sideboards help you conceal a multitude of sins while looking perfectly stylish. However, before you buy a sideboard, here are 6 things you absolutely must consider:

Convenience: Sideboards are primarily meant for convenience and you should look for ways to enhance that. A sideboard can literally fit into any room in the house. They are exceptional for kitchens to store glasses, plates, cutlery, and napkins etc. Sideboards also make a great addition to the living rooms where you can store all kinds of media, toys, and drinks etc. The sideboard top makes the perfect place to display family heirlooms and photographs. A lounge sideboard in a bedroom will help you store blankets, towels, extra bedding and toiletries. You can also get sideboards with internal lighting to make sure you get a clear view of the inside area.

Space: Contemporary sideboards can rule any room in the house as the ultimate storage solution. You just need to find out which are the places in your house that will benefit from incorporating a sideboard. After deciding on a space for the sideboard, take the measurements. Measure the area you can allot for the furniture piece. Also figure out the approximate height, width, and depth to shop armed with facts.

Size: The size of the sideboard will be determined by the space it goes into and the use it will be put to. Sideboards can have double to multiple doors. Storage requirements will vary depending on whether the sideboard is for the kitchen, living room, bedroom or lounge. Modern sideboard designs also offer smaller options for low or slanted ceilings.

Doors: You can go for sideboards with glass doors or open shelving, with or without display as per your preference. The ones with glass doors provide the option of illuminated display shelving. For areas with space constraint where it can be tricky to open a door, you can also avail the option of sliding doors. Doors are available with pull-down and lockable options too. Decorative handles or a contrasting door material can often enhance the design impact.

Drawers: You might like to have drawers in the sideboard if you plan to store smaller items like cutlery, napkins, stationery, and towels etc. If you want to store taller items like bulky bedding, bottles or chunky knits you may not need drawers at all. Internal shelving in large compartments is ideal for toys and media like DVDs and books.

Material: Design is more of a personal preference but the material should be worth the investment. When it comes to designs in contemporary sideboards in the UK provide wide-ranging options. Pick a style that suits your decor. As for material, solid wood is the most durable option in the market. However, you can also pick the less expensive wood veneers.