6 Mistakes of new Blogger do in website SEO

SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization, but the question is how many know about SEO?  Almost 10% of people know about SEO and form 10% only 2 3% are experts. If you want to start a blog and you want to become a blogger and you are thinking Search engine optimization is only adding keywords into your content post (website) is SEO then you are wrong.

Search engine optimization (SEO) means to optimize website or webpage into search engines for a targeted keyword.

Most of the new bloggers have not idea what is SEO and they start their website by adding some irrelevant keywords into their blog post and wishing that content will rank higher in SERP. But because of less knowledge of search engine optimization, they fail in this and quit blogging.

This is the only main reason for new bloggers they will not getting traffic and their adsense will not approve. when they not getting traffic from google they disappointed and quit blogging permanently. Today I here I will teach you 6 mistakes that every blogger do in their blogs.

6 mistakes of new Blogger do in website:

1: Long Titles:

First of all, I notice mostly new blogger writes long titles in their post which is difficult to read. Search engines like Google Bing & DuckDuckGo prefer the only website with short titles and concise not like too long titles. The recommended size of the title of a post is maximum 70 characters, not words. Here is the example of how to add the title into your post. If you create a post of more than 70 characters title, it will show in google 70 characters only and remaining will be hidden.

6 mistakes of new Blogger do in website:

2: Not proper Keyword Research:

As many experts say Keyword research is the main attribute of SEO. Find a keyword for your post is one of the best methods of getting organic traffic for and best practice for SEO.

No matter which topic you are working on, if you have not done proper keyword research you will not able to get traffic organically and you will not able to rank that topic. When you do keyword research you will know how many competitors in your niche. If you do not know how many competitors you have in your business and also if you have not any idea about how many bloggers are working on this keyword. You cannot beat them in Search engine page rank.

If you do a keyword research properly and you choose a keyword, you will find actual keywords for your site which competition is low and if you write a blog on it will help you in ranking.

That’s why most experts’ advice new bloggers to learn keywords research properly. This is the main mistake that new blogger does on their website which should be avoided.

3: Add Meta Description:

As we know all that Meta description is such an important part of an On-page SEO. Search engines use meta descriptions to show results in search, mostly search queries are fetched by Meta description that we use in the post.

Meta description also plays important role in on page SEO to rank an article. Keywords we enter in Meta description tells search engine where is the exact match information is available in any website.

Here is the example of Meta description below.


I have noticed that most of the blogger who uses free Blogger ignore Meta description and most of the fill Meta description tab with lots of keywords which create the bad effect on article ranking.

If anyone wants Google to fetch his website he should add Meta descriptions properly with a short description, and the size of meta description must be incorrect length. Recommend size of meta description will not more than 155 characters, one thing more your description also contains your target keyword in starting of your paragraph.

4: Not focusing on Keyword Density:

New bloggers have less idea about On-page SEO so they also have not idea about keyword density, first, you need to know what is keyword density is? In simple words, Keyword density means how many time you enter of your keyword in your post.

Keyword Density definition?

“The number of times of use of specific target keyword appears in post divided by total number of words use in post is known as keyword density”.

I notice in most of the blogs that mostly they ignore On-Page SEO part keyword density and they use keywords in the post too many times which turn to be black hat SEO technique, Google strongly hates keywords stuffing.

Take keyword density seriously in your article of the blog. Make sure your focus keyword you use in the article will not exceed 2.5%. It is the recommended ratio of keyword density 2.5% in one article.

5: Missing ALT tag:

have checked most of the blogs have not any alt tag attribute which the biggest mistake made by 90% of the new blogger. If you missing alt tag in your article image it means you also losing 40% of organic traffic from google images. Alt Tag enters into image title and description for google search.

ALT tags almost help to fetch your blog in google images. Search engine’s crawlers crawl every blog post includes images and videos and check all of the content. Google bots cannot scan images fully that’s why Alt tags do their job and indicate google to crawl what this image is about?

So, if anyone wants 50% of traffic from Google Image, you need to add the Alt tags into the images property. Title and alt tag helps search engine to indicate what is the image is about, so google bot can crawl easily and you will get traffic from Google image.

How to add ALT tag in image:


 6: Avoid Long URL:

Most of blogger’s writes long url in their post which is difficult to crawl by google bot. If anyone using long URL in his post-Google will not show full url in google search google show only 50 characters.


First of all, these are the main things which I notice in most of the blogs and new blogger have not idea about it if you avoid mistakes doing in your articles your articles will start ranking in google and your website and as a result getting more traffic from search engines.

The author is a freelance writer and trying to be successful in SEO field. The author is writing about Search engine optimization, make money Online tips, and blogging topics. Currently, he is writing how to learn SEO, and how to make quality Backlinks.