Search engines are the major sources for getting organic traffic to our blog or website.

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Writing and publishing quality contents t is simply not enough to rank higher in search result pages, so you will need a great strategy to increase exposure of your site.

Below I have listed 7 killer strategies to increase your ranking in search engine result pages.

7 proven ways to Increase your ranking in search engines

1.Publish Contents regularly
After launching your new online blog you must publish posts on a regular basis. As you are getting started, the more you will write, the more search engine bots will crawl and index your contents.

In this way, you will soon start appearing on the first page if search results and get more traffic to your blog.

2. Gain High Authority Backlinks
Do-follow backlinks from higher authority websites can help any blog or website to increase domain authority, Page authority, Alexa ranking and your actual rank in search results.

Guest blogging is the best example of getting free quality backlinks to your site. With those backlinks, search engines will actually rank you higher, but be aware of bad backlinks as they can hurt your SEO and even decrease your ranking.

So, always keep an eye on your backlinks and whenever you see a bad backlink, remove it instantly with backlink remover disavow tool in the Webmaster tools.

3. Use Heading tags
Heading tags are the most essential part of search engine optimization of your blog. It helps search engine bots to determine which heading is the most important and which one is least. Thus, while creating contents you must add these tags.

These tags are classified into 6 sections starting from <h1> to <h6>.

Generally, <h1> is the title of your blog posts by default and remaining 5 heading tags you need to insert manually in all of your headings.

4. Include Rich media contents
Images, videos, infographics, etc are known as rich media contents as they increase user experience and helps readers to understand the concept easily.

We all have heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, thus it is very essential to use images or videos in all of your blog posts to increase users engagement on your site.

5. Insert hyperlinks
Interlinking your blog posts is the fastest way to increase the domain authority, page authority and SEO of your blog.

Hyperlinks drive traffic to all of your linked pages that increase engagement and helps the users to understand the topic he is looking for.

Just make sure all of your internal links are in do-follow.

6. Make a proper Keywords research
Keywords are the main key to rank higher in search engines, even get rich snippet results using long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are the best examples for appearing in the first rank of search results.

A good keyword research tool such as Moz Keyword tracker tools can help you determine which keywords are getting maximum clicks. By doing this you will easily be ranking at the top of search queries and get targeted organic traffic to your site.

7. Share your Contents regularly on Social Media
Sharing your blog posts on the social networking sites is one of the best blogging practices to gain referral traffic to your blog.

It is proven that highly engaging contents often rank higher in search queries as they are informative, helpful and engageable so search engine bots rank them higher in the search engines.

At last, always produce a quality piece of contents, includes images, videos, hyperlinks, heading tags etc for your readers to easily let your readers understand the core of the topic they are looking for.