Why should you avoid writing mistakes? The simple answer is, writing is the main part of blogging. So, if you want to be a top blogger you should avoid writing mistakes.

What are the writing mistakes?

There are many writing mistakes. But in this post, I’ll share only the most common writing mistakes.

1. Writing unwanted things

There is no doubt that quality is better than quantity. Even search engines prefer very long posts, you can’t always write long posts because your readers are more valuable than search engines.

But that doesn’t mean to write long posts. There is no problem in writing even 2000+ words post if that post is quality. So the important thing is writing a quality post.

2. Using long paragraphs

Long paragraphs are suitable for books, but for blogs, the suitable thing is using small paragraphs. If you use too long paragraphs, your readers may leave your blog because many internet users don’t like posts with too long paragraphs.

After a small research, I could understand that 60%-80% blog readers like small paragraphs. So in my view, using small paragraphs is way better than using long paragraphs.

3. Not using point form

Generally, most readers won’t read your full content (they don’t try to read every single word in a post). They only want to get something very quickly from your post. So, most of the readers like to read point form posts.

Why don’t you write point form posts? If you can write a post as point form, write as it is.

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4. Grammar and spelling mistakes

Most bloggers aren’t perfect in English. I’m also not perfect in English. In my posts also there are some grammar and spelling mistakes but I’m always trying to reduce those mistakes.

If you do too many grammar and spelling mistakes your readers may find hard to read it. So the final result is that they might leave your blog. Therefore, try to reduce your grammar and spelling mistakes.

5. Using complex sentence

This is also a writing mistake. Your all readers aren’t perfect in English. So if you use complex sentences, it would be hard to understand for your readers but if it is in the very simple form it is very easy for your readers to understand. So always try to use the simple sentence. Also, you can try the tools for Grammar Correction. These days thousand of tools available online Paid as well as free.

Now you can share, what writing mistakes you have done in your blog and you can share other writing mistakes you know as a comment.