Top 5 SEO Tips

SEO is a field that is constantly in motion, unlike the consistently competitive Optimum internet pricing. It is constantly changing and improving on itself. In the interests of better understanding in a changing landscape, here are 5 website SEO tips you absolutely must know:

  1. Optimization

One of the oldest tips in the book is to optimize your titles, descriptions, and URL. You need unique, engaging titles, catchy, attention-grabbing descriptions and a URL that is well-formatted. Examine your website in this light and take the first step towards optimizing it.

  1. Originality

The importance of having original, fresh and up-to-date content cannot be understated. It is impossible to maintain or build a meaningful audience based on outdated or unoriginal content.

  1. Mobile Responsive

One important aspect of SEO is to make your website mobile-friendly. Over 70% of your traffic will come from mobile users, so work to improve their experience.

  1. Reduce load time

If you mean to create new customers, your website is your first impression. Don’t ruin it by having a low page speed because it will adversely affect your rankings.

  1. Register with Webmaster Tools

Always register your website with Bing or Google webmaster tools. Among other benefits, you gain access to statistical information as well as info on your website’s health. There’s also in-depth information about indexing and crawling activity on your website. Not to mention notification alerts in case there are any crawling errors which may be related to spam or viruses. Without a webmaster tools registration, you’re driving with your eyes closed.

5 Website SEO Tips You Need to Learn Now