Travel is one of the highlights of one’s life. Traveling from your house to a beautiful province in your country is just so refreshing. Traveling from your country to another country and to another is just so exciting! When you say or hear about travel, surely, “ugh, boring” is nowhere to find. You’ll notice ports and airports never go out of style because travel is just for any season, for any time and for anyone. I bet that there’s not a day that there hasn’t been any traveler.

Travel is a part of most people’s (if not everybody’s) bucket list! Those who cross a lot of their travel dreams just feel fulfilled and happy. With that, we can just say that travel is definitely one of the best things in life. What makes it one?



One of the many reasons why travel interests you is that you get to discover a lot of new things, gain new experiences and meet new people. It feeds your curiosities and breaks the limits on your thoughts about certain things about the places you visit

You lodge in hotels, and you’ll notice that there are also noticeable variations between different countries. Japan has weird but amazing hotels like Book and Bed Hotel wherein you sleep inside a bookshelf. Notel, a hotel wherein guest stay in retro Airstream trailers on the roof of a nondescript multi-storey car park, is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Capsule Hotel, Japan – Photo Source: Flickr – Fougerouse Arnaud

You try new rides in amusement parts, and although you’ve ridden a lot of rides before, it’s still a new and different experience to ride the ones in other countries. Ferris wheels and carousels are so common, but you can have a new thrilling and breathtaking experience in the Moon Ranger ride found in Luna Park in Sydney, Australia and also an extremely jaw-dropping time in Funfields’ Voodoo 360 in Melbourne, Australia.

Luna Park, Sydney, Australia – Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons – Annie Spratt

Travel brings you into a new world, out of your house. You get introduced to new culture, new food, new attractions. Numerous things and faces are new and unrecognizable for you, but travel helps you get familiar with them. Even if you don’t bring much new clothes and new shoes from your vacation, you can take home new, worth-remembering memories.



Photo Source: Pxhere

Everyone just needs a break from time to time and specially after stressful moments or even during the not-so-happy times. Travel is one heartwarming reward you can let yourself have after all your hard work.

Employees take a leave from work to travel and spend time with their loved ones. Travel enables you to treat yourself and have a peaceful, relaxing, worry-free time away from work and other certain responsibilities. Travel helps you recharge and freshen up your mind and your motivation. Everybody needs unwinding. You get exhausted, and travel makes you rest, even when not on your bed literally, but emotionally, mentally and also physically since you don’t have to go to the office or fields to work.  

You might say that staying in a hotel seems just staying at home because you’re going to sleep, watch television, eat, hold onto your gadgets — basically what you do at home. Well, that may be sort of true, however, everything will be less stressful for you because good hotel rooms are neat, well-arranged and polished. You won’t need to think of doing all the house cleaning. You won’t hear your noisy neighbors. You won’t need to cook for everybody.



Sometimes, because you’re too stressed out at work, personal matters and other responsibilities, you forget that life is beautiful. You’re filled with workload and duties as a person that’s why you might have no time to see amazing sights. Travel brings you out of your office and of your house and into more beautiful places.

Even when you’re just inside the hotel you’re lodging in, you can be astonished at the beauty of it. Your eyes see dashing hotel interiors which somehow make you feel calm as surely, they are made for hotel guests’ pleasure and relaxation. Aside from that, through those tall hotel buildings, you’ll be able to witness the world from high and breathtaking views. You do not want a blink of an eye to happen to you as you look out from the hotel room’s window or from those hotel roof decks.

Palazzo Versace Gold Coast, Australia – Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons – Gscarborough

Out of the walls of those lovely hotels, travel lets you see nature and a bigger part of the world. There are majestic mountains, hidden caves, calming oceans and many more. England has its highest mountain, Scafell Pike. The Philippines has the perfect cone-shaped Mayon Volcano. Australia has the white-sand Bondi Beach in Sydney. Those are just to name a little of the countless beauties in this world.

Mayon Volcano, Philippines – Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons – Tryfon Topalidis

Travel makes you appreciate more of the beauty of the world appearing right in front of your eyes. It makes you fall in love with many beautiful things that give joy to your heart.



Travel has a lot of surprises to give you. Because it introduces you to many new things, surely, it will also let you take risks and make you take a step out of your comfort zone, both literally and not.

Photo Source: Pxhere

Literally, travel takes you out of your comfort zone because you’ll be forced or convinced or finally have the courage to ride transportation means and extreme rides which you never dream of riding. You might be afraid of interacting with some animals, but as you travel, you’ll go to wildlife and natural parks, and you need to be brave because you don’t want to miss the life-changing experience you’re about to have.

Not literally, travel takes you out of your comfort zone because you learn to interact, socialize, understand and learn from different people from different countries and of distinct cultures and beliefs. If you’re a shy person, you’d be able to interact well not only because you have to, but also because you learn to appreciate people’s nationalities and hospitality.



Photo Source: Flickr – Ken Bosma

In travel, you’re introduced to new things. It gives you a time to unwind. It reminds you of the beauty around. It takes you out of your comfort zone. Because of all those, the places, the food, the art, the learning, the memories, the perspectives, the feelings, the emotions and EVERYTHING ELSE that goes with your travel experience, travel makes you crave more of new adventures, new beginnings, new views and new spots to see and experiences to grow from.

Because you meet new people that inspire you, you dream to be successful as they are and even more than them! Because you experience how worthwhile it is to travel, you look forward for more travels! Because you learn of other people’s lives, you find joy in meeting more people around the world! Because you’ve tasted new delicacies, you want to get a taste to many more! Because you see beautiful houses, you dream to build such of your very own. Because the beauty of the world captivates your heart, you dream to travel all the more to see more.

Travel opens your heart wider, your eyes clearer and your dreams bigger.




Indeed, travel is one of the best things in life, and there’s nothing more I want to say.