We all have faced a situation to throw spoiled food out of the freezer that we haven’t used. If this thing happens occasionally, then it’s completely ok. But if you are doing this regularly, then it will be the wastage of food. And in that situation, you should prefer to know about the accurate food storing techniques. That will help you to store food correctly and made it last for a longer time period. Actually, there are certain things that you should keep in mind while storing food. And these techniques will help you to keep perishable food fresh and hygiene for a longer time period. Here in this article, we are discussing tips that will help you to store food accurately in fridges or freezers:

1. Opt to Handle the Food Safely:

First of all, you have to handle the food safely and keep it in a way that it won’t get contaminated. Special care required while storing raw meat, fish, chicken, and beef. Actually, you will see in most of the recent models of freezers that they consist of separate meat compartment right at the bottom. It will help you to prevent the juices to flow over other foods. If you don’t have a special meat compartment, then prefer to store meat in the lowest rack of your fridge.

2. Know the Timing to Store Leftovers:

Other than that you should know how you have to freeze or refrigerate all the perishable food. You have to store perishable products within two hours if you have set the temperature over 90 °F. Other than that you should try to eat the leftovers within four days. Keep in mind that food like pizza and cooked meat or poultry can only last for three to four days. And other than that if we talk about lunch meats, egg, macaroni, and salads then you should know that they can last from three to five days.

3. Prefer to Opt for Accurate Containers:

The next thing that you should prefer to know is to store the food in different sizes of containers. Especially if you are storing food in commercial chest freezer. You can simply opt to use glass storing containers. As it will make easy to check the contents other than that they will be microwavable, and eco-friendly. But if you already have plastic containers, then you should make sure that they’re labeled as BPA-free containers.

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4. Store Fruits and Vegetables Carefully:

Next, if you are storing fruits and vegetables, then you should be very careful especially while storing them together. Actually, you should know that there are some fruits that emit ethylene gas. Due to which other vegetables can get spoiled so it’s better to keep that fruit separately. That will help you to protect and keep other fruits fresh for a longer time period. So you should prefer to keep these things out of the fridge: apple, avocados, plums, nectarines, bananas, pears, peaches, and tomatoes.

5. Apply the Trick of Food Tagging:

A next technique that you can adopt for storing food is to label the containers or cartons. So that you know where you have kept different things and from where you have to get it when needed. Labeling will actually make the maintenance of food items much easier. You can also apply this labeling rule while keeping things in the freezers. Because there are no proper shelves present that could lead to creating a mess.