Power Generator

Portable generator sets here in the Philippines are definitely some of the handiest and most practical tools that play a great role in serving a multitude of purposes, such as providing emergency power in the case of a blackout or energy shortage due to a storm.

In order to maximize and make the most out of the life of a generator set, and to make sure that it operates as smoothly and efficiently as possible, you have to follow some simple maintenance measures.

Let’s explore some of the most major tips for making sure that your generator set is fully-operational for the long run:


Changing the Oil

Many new generator sets need their initial oil change after just an accumulation of 30 hours in usage. After that point, the oil will have to be changed at every 100 hours of usage. In order to prepare for outages during powerful storms, you have to make sure that you keep the emergency stock of oil, oil filters, and gas for a substantial amount of days. This simple tip will save you from all the hassles and stresses of rushing to the nearest retail establishment.


Replacing the Spark Plug and Air Filter

Similar to the previous point, you have to ensure that you change the spark plug and air filter after every 200 hours of accumulated usage. A clean air filter and brand new spark plug will definitely assure the proper fuel-air mixture, and ill also do a great job in assisting the engine in running better and even in lasting longer.


When Not in Use, Drain the Fuel

It is very crucial to stop gum deposits from forming and building up in essential fuel system parts when in storage: the carburetor, fuel hose, or tank. Many experienced individuals state that alcohol-infused fuels such as gasohol, ethanol, or methanol, can attract more moisture that plays a part in both separating an forming of acids while in storage.

Acidic gas is also able to damage the fuel system of an engine when having been in storage for a significantly long period of time.


Make Sure That the Battery is Fully Charged

Jumping off from the train of thought from the last tip, if it appears as though your generator set has an electric start feature, it is highly recommended and most ideal for longevity that you have to assure that the battery is charged to its full capacity prior to each use.


Start the Generator Every 30 Days

Most experts also highly recommend that you start your generator set once in the span of every 30 days as to assist in keeping vital internal component lubricated. This also plays the significant role in avoiding typical wear-and-tear or maintenance-related issues.


Key Takeaway

When it comes to generator sets here in the Philippines, these fantastic machines have been around for decades, but generally speaking, the same type of principles apply when it comes to proper maintenance. Similar to the human body, generator sets also need many health measures to prevent it from breaking down.