The alarming levels of environmental degradation have made people conscious of the emissions by non-renewable sources of energy. While most of the people have been troubled by the increased electricity bills, few people have resolved to the renewable form of energy, i.e. the solar power.

Rooftop Solar

To their surprise, they have felt good for not having to pay those tyrant power companies ample of money every quarter. Moreover, a lot many of them also have a feeling of delight for doing something right for the environment. While the pleasure of cost and energy saving is humungous, there are a very few industries and households enjoying it.

Here are some of the most important things that you need to consider before installing a rooftop solar system:

Do the initial calculations: Compute your average electricity consumption. It can be done keeping in mind the previous electricity bills and units consumed. Once the initial requirements are charted out, one can easily figure out the power of solar panel required.

Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is – you must have a fairly lit rooftop that is in good condition. It is not a good idea to initiate rooftop solar installation if the roof requires rework or maintenance in a few years.

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Check for the rooftop rights: You can only draw the benefits of the solar panel if you have the required rooftop rights. An independent house is a good option if you are looking for a rooftop solar installation. If you wish to install the similar setup in a society, it is advised to speak to the authorities, like the RWA or the builder for the grant.

Which type suits your need: Two of the most dominant solar technologies are Photovoltaic and Thermal solar panels. The photovoltaic ones use arrays of cells to convert sunlight into electricity whereas the thermal one uses sunlight to heat air or water for use. Based on the requirement, whether you need to generate electricity or need to heat water or air, you can choose either of the solar technologies.

Financing options and initial setup cost: Solar rooftop installation might call for a hefty capital investment initially. Once it is set, the ROI generated on the system balances out the money you put in.

The cost depends on the power of rooftop solar panel you are planning to install. Higher the power of the panel, the cost increases. Buying your system costs more up front but can prove beneficial in the longer run. Whereas leasing lets you access cheaper electricity with comparatively very less money.

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However, the leasing setup can restrict the benefits one can enjoy. If you lease, the company you contract with owns the system, and you pay them a specific rate for the electricity; when the lease is up, they might take the system away. When you own the system, it can keep working for you long after it pays off the cost of the purchase. It is for you to compare the total lifecycle cost of the lease and weigh the savings against the benefits you would get from ownership and decide wisely.

Pick the right installer: Now that you have figured out all the essential requirements, all you need to do it find the best solar rooftop company in Delhi, NCR. Look for the support they guarantee in the installation, setting up, and maintenance of the solar panels. Also, there is a need to verify the documents of warranty and agreement.