Top 5 Pre Gym Foods

Today, most of us are very conscious about our fitness and weight gain issues and try hard to remain fit for a more extended period. So, we take the path of hardcore gym sessions and balanced diet plans to keep us fit and in the right shape. But specific rules and regulations need to be maintained when we practice fitness exercises as our body is susceptible and may react the other way if we overdo the workouts. A diet plan is an obvious choice for the fitness freaks, but a pre-gym foods schedule must also be maintained to get the gymming right. To master the Art of Healthy Living, we should know the tactics to build it, and pre-gym foods are one such listing.

The following food items can prove beneficial for your pre-workout session:

  • Bananas– while working out we lose a handsome amount of glycogen store from our body which is an excellent source of energy. And bananas are full of carbohydrates which help in the formation of glycogen to restore the power in our body to be active during our workout schedule. It should be consumed some 30 minutes before you hit the gym to get apprehensive results.


  • Yogurt and dry fruits– well, as a whole we know the health benefits of dry fruits or yogurt but consuming them before going to the gym has its own superficial benefits which we must take advantage of. Both these items contain full of calories, protein, and sugar which is generally avoided in a diet but it works wonder in providing you the right energy to be active during your workout process.
  • Fruit smoothies– this food item is not only tasty but healthy too! A glass of fruit smoothies contains a high dosage of sugar and micronutrients. In the pre-gymming session, it helps in acting as a source of glucose provider in the body of the fitness enthusiasts.


  • Oatmeal– consuming oatmeal before a workout is indeed a healthy habit and one of the benefits of healthy habits is that it adds soluble fiber, protein, amino acids to our body which in turn increases our workout capacity by three-folds.
  • Protein shakes– lastly, protein supplements or protein shakes are always a good option before hitting the gym as they help in building our muscles well and also improves our energy level to a greater extent.
Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash

Many people perceive the fact that eating before a workout is a complete no-no as it makes you filled up and lessens your energy to pull off a great workout session; Bit this is a total myth! Consider your body to be a vehicle; can a car move without fuel? No! Likewise, when we leave an empty stomach for a gymming session, it leaves us exhausted and energy-less to perform the workouts. Moreover, in the long run, it may prove harmful to our health and make us weak and feeble that may cause us vulnerable to greater health hazards. So, the healthy eating habits suggest that you consume the beneficial foods sometime before you leave for your gym session to get better results.