Gathering investment for an online startup is not the only thing you need to turn your passion into a sound profession. A common beneficiary for a startup success is the efficient use of the resources to deliver the best possible outcomes for your online business; this is where globalization and the internet plays a pivotal role. They act as a mediator to get the right attention and reach it needs to attract the potential leads to its business.

While most of the startups are on a leash with finances, they go easy on the pocket and look for the best opportunity cost with the most functionality. That is the sole reason a streamlined digital marketing strategy needs to be implemented for getting a fruitful return of your efforts and tactics to uplift your online startup. On the other hand, online advertising needs to go hand in hand to provide a cost-effective way for new startups to market their businesses to the right audience.

In this article, we will shed some light on the five essential software that every online startup needs if they want to see any outcome of their efforts. For a good online startup; monitoring, analyzing, calibration, precision, evaluation, and working on the right campaign is important.

Do you know why 69% of the online startups fail in the US alone? Maybe you got the right answer in this blog.



Currently, in the online domain, there are rarely any tools that can match the features and prospects provided by Ahref when it all comes down to organic marketing and backlink analysis. No matter what your online startup is; whether e-commerce, a blogging website, magazine or product websites, Ahref provides authentic link profile of your site and your competitors. No website can survive without an SEO specialist because it’s he who compiles all the link audit, ranks your website’s keywords, analyze, review, and implement sites that are optimized enough to pick up by Google search engine.

Also, with Ahref you can track your current domain rating on Google and multiple other search engines for the keyword you want to rank for. The newest upgraded version of Ahref provides a Keyword Explorer 2.0 that is said to be an active feature that allows you to achieve tons of keyword generation ideas which helps in creating creative content for your website. Not only that, it gives you the authority to keep a close eye on your competitor’s backlinks and keywords. Without this tool, your online startup’s success would lack serious possibilities.



Apart from keywords, your Social media also plays a key role. As things have gotten more and more limelight in the current days due to social media’s reach and scope, businesses are signing up for multiple accounts to engage with the audience on every platform deemed possible. On an average, users have registered to 5 social media accounts and 3/5 of them use religiously.

But it’s not always easy to stream and post content as Instagram does not allow to schedule post just as on Facebook. Buffer is one niche tool that is capable of aligning all your brand’s social media campaigns. It a publishing domain used for post and schedule content on social platforms. Imagine writing 5-8 posts per day with its targeted audience and specific times. Without buffer, it would not be easy.

Buffer will give you control to schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google Plus, where you can schedule and generate posts for each platform simultaneously; don’t forget to keep the hashtag frequency in mind and connected to IFTTT social automation tool. It has a mobile app and offers premium features for paid users while free users can still use limited features.

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It’s pretty clear being an online startup, your business will send and receive dozens of emails throughout the day but what if you miss an important email? Projections show that by the end of 2021, the number of emails sends per day would grow to almost 320 billion worldwide, there were 269 billion emails sent and received each day in 2017; it is mind-boggling and calculating would take endless days.

MailChimp is playing an active role in those 269 billion as at least a billion are being sent through MailChimp itself. The trend of having an email marketing service is rapidly growing, and MailChimp is leading the race. The number talked about above means 0.5% of the entire emails are being sent through the robust Mailchimp as being a right email service provider. But keep in mind the spam count of those emails as well. Thanks to emails providers Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft, these emails are filtered before they reach you.

But MailChimp amongst the many is a reliable and trustworthy service that checks the IP credibility before it delivers you the email. It will take the steam away from business owners as online startup tends to get fussy with emails and responses.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Setting up an online startup can be tricky if you are based in a foreign country, especially when your target audience is from a different country. No tool would provide you with accurate details as your IP address will pose a severe problem. You have to know the basic trends and the audience you want to target through multiple sources like Google Trends and competitor analysis. For that, either you should open a branch in each region to operate from there or you could do it virtually with a help of a VPN that provide fastest connection via shared or dedicated IPs.

What is a VPN? VPN is a tool that permits you to surf the web anonymously by spoofing your online actions through a different IP address. Focus on the word “anonymously” and “IP Address.” A VPN encrypts your data by using a military grade encryption protocol by using a different IP address. The VPN connects you to a server of your choice in a different country while your real IP address will be masked. That way you will appear in the Country of your targeted audience. It’s a must-have software for your online startup.

Google Tools


Google amongst the many has an edge; its ability to provide free tools and products. For a focused marketing approach, Google Adword Keyword Planner is a crucial tool to keep a track on visitor date on your website. Along with Google Analytics, your website’s team could properly manage all your desired keywords and content. An excellent online campaign brings in a lot of efforts including processing data, pre, and most of the campaign, and allowing it to measure actions to improve it further.

A small insight of data can save a lot of time and money to help bring in more solutions for the end user. Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a pivotal tool for researching on traffic and to enable advertisers to create effective PPC campaigns. Through this tool, you will get to search targeted content, find keywords which are more focused and searched in the respective geographic location. At times this would cost some money because Google tools are not always free. But keep in mind its Google that ranks your keywords, but if you do not follow the guidelines, your ranking will exponentially drop within time. Which is why these tools are a must to keep an eye through Google’s perspective.

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Managing an online startup would require sheer will, dedication and a lot of time in the baby steps you take to build your online presence. Much more attention is needed on the right tools you choose. One tool could make or break your presence because Google will tear your keywords if proper guidelines are not followed for organic marketing.

Which is why having the best software is critical to reaching the right audience, using the right tool and minimizing all the negative prospects which would spoil data and resources.