Best Android Games 2018

Hello Everyone!!! Today I am Going to share this post, especially for Game lovers. Every day new games are releases online with various concept and graphics. If you are claiming that you are true game lover then you should play some of the given below games in 2018. I have listed some of the best games which you can play on your android mobile.

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Nowadays, Every person has their personal mobile and internet connections. Easy availability of new devices and the internet has made human life very easy. You can many tasks form your mobile like Internet Banking helps you to make transactions at any time and anywhere with few taps of a finger. You can book your journey ticket via Bus or Train. All upcoming mobiles have very heavy processors and display which gives the best gameplay for game lovers.

Most of the people are used to spend time on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. But some guys like me are addicted to games. Game lovers have their own world. So, here I have listed some incredible games for you.

Most Popular Games for Android in 2018

Every day new games are launching by games developers. Recently launched games have made game lovers very crazy. If you are one of them then you should check for this ultimate Android games of 2018. So let’s go through it.

PUBG: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Pubg is latest and most trending video game popular among game lovers. This is an online video game specially made for mobile users like Android and iPhone. I think all of you have seen that film”Royale Battle” form 2000. Original Battle Royale game is now available on your mobile. Apart from Mobile, you can also play this game on Xbox, PC, and Tablet.

Amazing Graphics and HD gameplay have made people crazy for it. Initially, PUBG is developed for Microsoft user only in 2017. But recently in March 2017, they have launched this game for Android and iOS. If you want to download this game for your android mobile then it is available on Google Play Store with very good user review and 50 millions of download. More information about PC version of this game, click on given link PUBG for PC Download

 Asphalt 8: Air Born (Car Racing Game)

This is another game which is specially made for car racing lovers. In real life, we can not afford real racing at life risk. But here in virtual life? Definitely yes. That’s why Asphalt 8 comes with real racing graphics and cars for android users. You will find all of the feature same as Xbox games or PC games.

Amazing graphics and real racing sound make the environment cool. Rich collections of the car and customize features give best opportunity to make a custom featured car. You will find the world famous cars and bicycles like Lamborgini, LA Ferrari, Buggati, Ducati Monster 1200, Porche, and Maclaren. More than 40 High-speed tracks in 16 different settings. You can make and face many challenges through Career mode. This is the best example of the multiplayer game. You can play this game with multiple 8 players.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the huge downloaded games of the year. You only need to play this game is a high-speed internet connection and a good android or iOS device. In this game, you have to level up your profile with upgrading your town hall and defense.

Clash of Clans was the most downloaded game for the previous year. It also provides facilities to play in a group. You have to prepare your army to attack others village for loot collection. For the defense and security of the village, you can upgrade your wall by spending some virtual money on it. There is a store available form where you can buy reinforcement troops and other things as per your level of town hall. So, this is one of the best online game which you should play once.

Fortnite Royale Game

Fortnite Royale game is another Battleground game. Nut currently not available online. This game is also initially launched for Microsoft and Xbox. But Noe they have announced that they will release this game for android mobile too. This game also gives a real feeling of the Chinese movie “Battle Royale.” So if you are looking for the best alternatives to the PUBG then Fortnite is made for you.

In PC Fortnite PC game you need a very high-quality processor and graphics card to get better user experience. Just like PUBG, you have given a small village to make the fight and survive. You can play this game as the multiple users. As the storm gets darker and smaller you have to move towards a circle to keep alive. Fortnite Royale Battle for Android will become very popular among game lovers.

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is also another game which gives the best time pass with Android mobile device. This game is the best example of RPG and Classical Fight combination. You can make your character profile with an unlimited collection of weapons, and rare armor set.

if you are fighting game lover then I recommend you to play this game at least once. You will feed amazing while crushing your anime with a kick, jump, punch, and slash. You can make the journey with six different worlds full of actions and fight. I suggest you play this game because of its unlimited amazing stuff and High-Quality Graphics. You can Download Shadow fight 2 with given link.


As we all game lovers know, Game is the life of us. Well, playing games on Xbox one are different feeling but if you don’t have Xbox or PS4 then you can play games on your small digital device Android Mobile. Nowadays there are many games available online which provides very high-quality graphics and real gameplay experience. I have listed some of the best games for Android which you can play on your mobile too. All you need is Best Featured Android Mobile and High-speed internet connection. That’s it!