How To Monetize a Blog That Really Works

Most of the people create their blog with the intentions to make a decent income from it. But they get failed to earn money from it. What could be the reason?

The person who starts their new blog is definitely inspired either by the blogger’ posts who have shown their income from the blogging or from some highly motivated promotional offers saying like ” start a blog and earn money today !!! “.

But they never have been told how those people are actually making money and this leads the newbies to fail in making money online from the blogs.

It’s all bullshit. Just tell me the ways to Monetize my blog.

Okay, let’s get to the motive of this post. Here I am sharing the most effective ways that actually work for a blog to generate a good income if followed properly.

5 Most Effective Ways to Monetize a Blog

Google Adsense
Google Adsense is the prime choice of any blogger to earn money. As this is the most popular PPC ad network whose cost per click mainly based on advertisers and locations. To earn money with Google Adsense you will require a fully approved Adsense account and a great traffic on your blog. Because Adsense doesn’t give great earnings on low traffic sites.

Okay, then tell me how can I get an Adsense account. Will it cost me something ?

No, It will cost you nothing. All required is to have a quality blog according to Adsense guidelines. You may read the step by step Adsense guide to creating a quality blog.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing has been a great source of income for bloggers. I have seen most of the great and experienced bloggers are earning a good amount of money just from Affiliate Marketing.

Do you know, what is Affiliate Marketing? No. It’s just to promote other people or company’s product on your own blog and generate the sales of the product from affiliate links. When someone buys from your links, you will get some commission from the product owner as your affiliate income.

However, there are a lot of affiliate marketing networks but, you must choose that suits your blog best. And also it may prove your reader/visitors benefits.

For example, it’s not worth to sell a health product on technology blogs. You must use the same niche product as you are writing about on your blog.

Sell your Own Services
Many of the expert freelancers sell their services like ghostwriting, development and designing and many things in which they are expert. If you have some expertise like logo design, coding or something else then you can offer your services via your blog.

You just need to create your presence among your fellow. Because no one likes to buy from strangers. And if your client already knows you, he/she will trust on your services more than of an unknown.

Sponsored Posts
Ah!!! That sounds something interesting. Isn’t it?

Sponsored Posts ? I haven’t heard it before.

Oh !!! Let me tell you then. Sponsored posts are those which are offered to you by some advertiser or other bloggers to host them on your blog. Those advertisers or bloggers pay you for hosting their articles on your blog.

But Wait…!!! Is your blog has the capability to accept the sponsored post? To have the sponsorship, your blog must have good SEO metrics and readership.

For example, if you have PR1 + blog and your domain has admirable authority then your chances are increased to get paid from sponsors and advertisers.

Note : Direct Ad banners are also offered by some advertisers depending on the traffic and page views on the blog.

Paid Reviews
One of the best monetization methods is the writing reviews and get paid for them. Paid reviews are just like sponsored posts but posses some difference with it. Many of the companies launch their new products and services. To promote and sell it to the customers, they require the reviewers for those products.

On the other hand, the customer also needs some reviews for those services before they buy it. And the interesting thing is that a blog is the most considerable place for finding such reviews. It means if your blog has a good reputation and great readership, you can start writing reviews of products and generate a good income from it.

I don’t know what method you will opt after reading the above editorial. But what you will opt for, will be required a great hard work. Because it’s not easy to earn money from a newly established blog. You will have to just spend time and implement your strategies and wait while they start working.

Note : We will cover these topic in deep in our upcoming article.

Before you leave this page, let your mind shout in the comments about this editorial.

Cheers !!!