Everyone needs to have the best functions for anything which they are employing. It helps in running inbound call center softly with the help of its wonderful features, without these feature users will to be able to enjoy. These are some of the awesome functions which any inbound call tracking user will need. These works with any kind of pay per call campaigns or inbound call systems.

call tracking

1. Skill-based routing

One of the most important tools for the inbound call center is a skill-based routing which is a must thing. It helps with the features like routing the callers to the most proper agent which is based on the caller’s IVR selections. This assists in understanding the company the dialect which agents use, it aware from their geographic locations and much more information. These traits make routing very essential for the inbound call centers which route callers to the best agent.

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2. Real-time metrics and call routing

This is just like breathing because it helps in agent in providing data like service level, average wait time, longest wait time, average handle time, and a total number of present agents and much more things. So the agents will be able to take a right or firm decision before they pick up inbound option. Managers must have access to such information. It makes them strategic in- the – moment decisions to evolve calls center efforts and it gives the customer the wonderful experience which makes them pick up this option again.

It configures out phone number settings which are best. The only motto of this feature is to find out that everyone has their own voicemail. So it lessens the chance of letting confusion in while they make a call outside the trade hours.

3. Integration with CRM, Analytics, and other Apps

Trade tool integration takes it to another level. Call center software which synthesizes with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Highrise, olark, Desk.com and Zendesk, it enriches out the information which agents are able to find out, it permits them to have a 360-degree view of the callers.

4. Dedicated Phone Numbers for Tracking Inbound Calls

It is a must feature for inbound call centers. These agents help you in finding the direct line to their customers so that they do not need to make the best of something to perplex IVR System, search for their extension or wait in a queue. It is indeed a great decision which inbound call center took for its users to pass out to VIP customers, vendors, high-value trade contacts or callers who require to reach out an agent in a personalized department.

5. IVR

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, which is topping the priority list of a busy inbound call center. It helps in routing callers to the most proper agent or department which is based on the predefined information. It serves as a foundation for many other call center software functions and backs up like call handling, skills-based routing, procuring of the call metrics and other things. Without ACD users will not be able to find out the best service in an inbound call center.