In the modern age, SEO is becoming very common. SEO is the search engine optimization. This trend is due to the Google updates and the search engines that make their algorithms. The question is, should the backlinks be a priority anymore? What is the purpose of Penguin algorithm and because of this algorithm, how the losing traffic stops?

SEO is so common but there are also the mistakes that should be overcome. Following are the most common mistakes and some suggestions that how to avoid those mistakes:

Error 1: Failing in conducting a proper keyword search

The internet is based on the keywords. The websites show the related links in the search engine when the words are related to their queries of the keyword.

The keyword is actually the word that the users enter in the search engine. You should limit the opportunities to develop the resulting traffic only when you are posting that what are you’re feeling like writing, instead of the proper keyword. You should use the tool like Google’s free Adwords Keyword research service. This is the service that is used to search or generate the volume of results without any competition like either your website is highly ranked in the search results.

Error 2: Making the low-value backlinks

As we know that building, the low-value backlinks can be a compulsory part. Irrelevant sites built lonely only for the purpose to spread links, these all include in the low-value backlinks with the addition of the spam websites. It can damage your site of SEO, especially in the Google Penguin update. For designing the spam websites that come out from the search result, the algorithm called Google Penguin may be used. You should focus on the pursuing links in your industry, from authority instead of taking the simple way by gaining the low-links. Always get backlinks from authority websites, it’s better to have not backlink rather than 100s of spam backlinks. Tools are available to check authority, just like da checker by PPS (check this tool).

Error 3: Develop the sites that should be properly addressed

According to the new and recent ranking algorithms the listings of search engines, like the result pages are directly pulled from the indexes of web pages, the indexes mean massive indexes. By the use of a robot or spider programs, you should index your site by the search engines. The variety of issues that cause a problem in indexing your site which is as follows:

  • Extra use of images
  • Flash animations
  • The other code elements and java scripts

Error 4: Face failure in regularly update your site

The value of your website can be reduced with the outdated data; it reduces your visitors and also reduces sales. The freshness and updating of your site can be cared by the search engines. The addition of the content to your website may generate traffic based on search and your website gets highly ranked by updating your site regularly.

Error 5: Focusing on the search engines rather than the visitors

The search engine is very important but the visitors who visit your website matter most. You should value your visitors rather than the search engine.