Top 5 Bulk Email Marketing Strategies

Availing the maximum benefit of bulk email services is possible only when it is done in the right way and at the right time. Sending just generalized emails to all the prospective clients fail to generate any positive output. In 2018, the importance of sending personalized emails to target customers will continue to gain popularity for both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) industry. Different experts have given their views about the techniques and pricing of drafting effective emails for running a fruitful email marketing campaign. However, there are very few experts who have shared the basic email writing etiquettes which many of the people are not aware of.

Some people have a misconception that email marketing is all about thinking of catching titles, use of fancy temples and unique content, instead; it is more about how the mail address the need of the client and how it can be fulfilled.

Let’s take a look on the popular Email Marketing trends of 2018

Bulk Email marketing
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  • Consider Read’s Point of View

Before drafting a mail for email marketing consider the fact that the inbox of the prospective client may already be flooded with similar emails. Reading similar kind of advertising emails make them frustrated and they end up reading such emails. Hence, think about the emailing keeping yourself in their position. Think from their point of view and write which they want to read i.e. things of their interest.

  • Over values to Client

The main aim of email marketing is brand awareness but this does not mean that one should literally use the brand name like spam. This indeed will have a negative impact on the brand and its reputation. This has been one of the most crucial aspects of email marketing since years and will continue to be in 2018 also. Use the brand name very carefully and selectively at the right position when required.

  • The frequency of Sending Emails

It is very important that one should know the frequency that should be maintained for sending emails. Sending emails every day or every week is a bad idea. Emails that are sent very frequently are often marked as spam, so make sure to analyze the client and the platform to decide the frequency of the emails. There is no fixed frequency that will suit every client; it mainly depends on the client and the domain.

  • Contextual Content

It is good to maintain transparency with the prospective client but asking too many questions about them is not a great idea. Make sure to be very subtle in the approach and accordingly draft an interesting mail that will create an urge in the client to know more about the email. Make sure to create contextual content so that reader will be able to resonate with the content.

  • Be Ready With Plan

Some people believe to first create and run email campaigns and then look for the next step. But this is not the right approach, one should be ready with the action plan in advance so that at the time of action one should not feel confused, instead; be ready with the action plan.


All of these email marketing strategies are planned to keep the expected trend for 2018. Following the guidelines will help in crafting and running the email marketing campaign for getting maximum benefit in the long run.