Flowers are the best part of nature- is it in the garden or inside the house. There is nothing more to add to make flowers beautiful as they are born like that. Still, there are expert florists out there. They have little more knowledge over arrangements of flowers than the common people. Whenever you want to send someone a flower bouquet as a gift, you would like it to be the best.

Here are more than 5 amazing flower arranging tips from an expert to produce the best floral gift.

1) Size matters

The size of the flower arrangements vary according to the size of the vase. Size makes a difference in the appearance of the flowers and the varieties of them. If the flower vase is a bigger open with a big opening at the top, it requires more number of flowers. The decision is of yours which type of flower would you prefer. But for longer vases, buy flowers online. Delicate flowers like long-stemmed roses and tulips will look great. That will be the perfect match for sparse look. To to have a full verse look, you might also go for a mixed flower bouquets, but evidently with longer stems.

2) Working from the base up

This is the difference between an expert’s advice for preparing floral arrangements and using one’s own. Experts start working from the base of the vase. It is really important for forming the shape and texture of the arrangement. Experts say it is best to fill the base of the vase with dark green big leaves. The best are the traditional hardy foliage and native textural leaves. Sometimes, tropical dark green leaves work as a brilliant combination with contrasting flowers. Once the base is ready, you can choose the flowers contrasts as well. This is an advantage of having the best flowering vase.

3) Mixing colors with similar or contrasting tones

Colors are very random and available in case of flowers. But very few people know how to arrange and combine them. Your choice of flower, no doubt will make the floral arrangement look good but a little less than the best. That is where you need expert opinion/suggestion. The best way to create a contrasting strike of flowers is by mixing up the similar hues. These might include red-orange and pink. Or sometimes, combining colors of same line like deep burgundy also looks attractive. You can send flowers to your loved one on any happy occasion of his/her life.

4) Using height, color, and texture for creating impact

If you want your floral arrangement to create an impact, it is best to group many flowers together. Contemporary arrangements look amazing in different texture flowers. Large head Dahlias and roses in linear shapes are very much like delphinium flowers. To get a better texture and shape, the experts suggest to use multi-headed Lisianthus. Such will protect the flowers from deformation as well. You can place these flowers a little higher on the wall-set flower vase. This will add unique dimension to it.

5) Using big blooms for creating feminine looks

Feminine looks needs less formal arrangement. Unstructured wild floral arrangement provides the perfect shape. Thread the biggest flower at the base of the vase. To add dimension, add flower-set of different shape and height. Then place the next biggest bloom with a different shape. To get professional, add the third flower as filler with many clusters on a single stem. It resembles the wax flower or the tea tree.

6) Experiment

One can experiment with texture-shape and color –mixing soft flowers. For example one can take up soft flowers with native grouping of big palm husk or tropical leaf. Some amazing flowers are available throughout the year. So, experimenting with flowers to create unique flower arrangements is no difficult task. You can have good news from your close ones any time. So, you may need such floral arrangements for such occasions. You can find varieties of floral arrangements from congratulations flower delivery online sites.

Flowers speak and express their beauties by themselves only. Above floral arrangement tips just add the cherry on the top which is unique.