commercial drywall patching

Are you in search of a local drywall contractor in Atlanta? Very few companies provide drywall repair services, and you should select on them depending on your specific needs. Drywall as always understood is cheaper as compared to the typical wall. Therefore, they are commonly preferred when constructing temporary partitions. However, for one to achieve the best out of such walls there is a need for regular repair and maintenance services. Drywall repairs should never be postponed since it might turn complex hence demanding for a complete replacement. therefore, hire the right drywall repair contractors to repair yours today.

Before repairing your drywall, you should consider the following aspects:

  1. The Different Types of Drywall

Drywall is constructions which are made in various sizes and characteristics. Therefore, you need to buy a related sheet with dimensions of 8 feet in length and 4 feet in width. Nevertheless, if you are interested, you can go for the general 12 feet sheet in length especially when you want to accomplish a specific intention.

Specific applications need drywall, and in such cases, there is a need to seek the services of drywall constructors. In case you need such unique characteristics as mold or fire resistance, you can obtain it from commercial drywall repair companies. Done Right Home Improvement Company can help you achieve this especially if you are in Atlanta.

  1. Tools and Material for the Task

The tape measure is the most significant tool in drywall repair. It assists the involved individual to demonstrate the area that needs the fix. It also defines the number of materials to be purchased for the purpose. Nowadays, there are metal and plastic tape measures which are found in either square or circularly shaped containers.

The professional repair companies will also utilize the drywall square to create straight lines. Hiring such companies is therefore essential since they have the required knowledge for the task. They will take you through the tools and materials selection with a lot of ease.

The contractors also utilize the utility knives which seem to be a dual purpose tool to cut through the drywall during repair. It helps them to move parts of the drywall and replace the unwanted parts depending on the needs of the contractor.


  1. Small Repair Requirements

The small drywall repair requirements would include commercial drywall repair and painting of the nail holes, indentations as well as scratches. As such, there would not be any need to replace the drywall. A small repair would work out.

The repair individuals will merely use the joint compounds to make the surface uniform and smooth. In such case, Done Right Home Improvement utilize aerosol spray to make sure that no lingering or even patches are left in the drywall area.  This will help distinguish the portion which is repaired from the other parts of the wall.

  1. Complex Repair Requirements

Unfortunately, small repairs always tend not to be feasible in case there is extensive damage which spreads over a larger area on the drywall surface. The local drywall repair contractors in such cases and instead of conducting a complete replacement will eradicate the damaged portions of the wall.

To achieve their goal, the commercial drywall contractors will require new paint as well as texture application. This will make sure that there is uniformity in the drywall appearance throughout.  However, in most cases, the extended repair requirements would yield a complete replacement of the drywall.



The drywall repair services are always indispensable part and parcel of the building and construction improvement projects. Therefore, it is vital to solely hire the most licensed, locally located, and skilled and experienced contractors. The contractors will help you in accomplishing all your commercial drywall repair services.  If you are in Atlanta, considering a move for a drywall contractor, your ideal choice is Done Right Home Improvement Company. They are best suited for your satisfaction.