There are several places that make the cut for the perfect trip. With more accessibility available in this century, it is barely surprising that globetrotting has become extremely easy for travel-addicts. But if you are searching for a holiday that is unconventional in its truest sense and fulfills the purpose of an adventure, then why not try Chengdu this year? Chengdu is part of an untouched raw beauty that not only provides relaxing itineraries such as sightseeing and Panda volunteering but also professional programs like China Photography Tour and mountain hiking.

Of course, if you are heading towards the Orient for the first time and not sure how to arrange and organize such a tour, there is abundant research to be done for the same. Fortunately, nowadays there are various agencies available to offer aid in this process and make the process easier. However, ultimately it is you who has to ensure that you choose a reputable company with adequate experience in touring these provinces of China. Chengdu for most of us might ring a bell about the existence of large Panda Reserves but one can also try out other attractions that are available in the region that are just as rewarding.

  • ¬†Spend a day with the adorable Giant Pandas in their habitat:

If you are fixated on Chengdu already, make sure that you book enough time to spend with these cute animals while learning about their living conditions, mating habits and feeding habits under the Chengdu Day Tour programs. If you are more devoted, you might also want to try out the Volunteering program under the guidance of a panda expert which goes further in-depth and helps you gain more knowledge about them.

  • ¬†Engage in supplementary activities offered by Chengdu:

Apart from visiting the panda base, one can also engage in local activities like cooking classes, museum visits like Jinsha or Sanxingdui, traveling to the ancient town Shuimo or Mount Qingcheng which are just as pleasant. Get to know about the ancient Chinese philosophies like Taoism and ethnic minorities like Tibetan, Han, Qiang, etc.

  • ¬†Participate in advanced courses:

Since you will be traveling all the way to China, why not also take part in the other programs which will definitely make your trip more wholesome? If you are confident enough to take in the climate and arduous paths, then you can try the different photography tours like Snow Leopard photography and visiting the scenic landscapes of Yunnan rice fields. One can also check out the western provinces of China encircling a part of raw Sichuan and Qinghai, which is seldom traveled by foreigners. This region of China is decorated with numerous Tibetan monasteries, settlements, and grasslands. This will also give you a chance to immerse yourself in the local Tibetan culture with the help of local bilingual guides and expert photographers who will assist you in taking the most breath-taking snaps.

Why look further? Pack your bags and take a trip that will create memories for you to cherish forever.

Author Bio: Chen Xiaozi, a photography and blog enthusiast writes on what Chengdu, China offers and why it can be your dream destination.