The B2B industry is constantly changing that’s why it requires the usage of new ways of marketing. In this post, we’ll discuss the hottest trends to follow not to keep up with your competitors.

According to Sagefrog’s Marketing Report, only 39% of companies have a formal marketing plan whereas 61% don’t have a solid plan for establishing their marketing priorities. Without a well-thought-out plan, chief marketing officers can waste their budgets. Each year costs allocated for marketing increase. Typically, B2B objectives include sales leads, leads to clients, brand awareness, web traffic which are all considered to be of high priority. According to the Chief Executive, the other objectives include SEO and SERP ranking, content marketing, thought leadership, etc. However, there are the things that are worth your attention before determining your prime objectives and tools.

Trend 1 – B2B Consumers

Personalization is in high demand in 2018 and beyond. Currently, customers expect business-to-customers experience within the B2B sector. According to ITSMA, three types of account-based marketing (ABM) emerged recently. In terms of ABM, marketers work with account team to develop and implement custom-designed programs for personal accounts; work with specific sales teams to focus on small group or cluster of accounts with similar business imperatives; use technology to target accounts, market to individuals within the accounts, and track results by account.  

Marketing specialists must be focused on what customers expect. No strategy will work if your business doesn’t provide effective communication across all channels possible. Quick responses, customers support available 24/7, self-service options facilitate the company’s consistency.

b2b marketing

However, omnichannel marketing fails since companies are trying to surprise their customers with smart things that face their needs. What they actually need to do is to interact with people as individuals across the channels they prefer.

Trend 2 – Decision Makers


Organizations are changing due to younger people influencing most of the marketing decisions. Young generations affect the way business is run with their habits, expectations, opinions, etc. Generation Z is considered to be born with gadgets. Together with millennials, they are forming a new tech-savvy population influencing a great number of decisions in companies. Here’s a chart demonstrating how millennials influence how executives created their budgets in 2017:

Decision Makers

As you can see, these numbers should be taken into account while targeting your audience on Instagram or YouTube. Below are some useful tips on touching the hearts of your young targeted audience:

  • research on employment and age of your clients
  • Build close relations with your customers
  • Identify the core networks and messengers your customers use
  • Offer the content that young generations adore
  • Focus on user-generated content (UGC) to launch the viral marketing

Trend 3 – Social Press


SMM is getting harder as costs for advertising are constantly rising, algorithms are changing, and new features appearing. Marketing specialists have to adapt to these changes:

  • Facebook. Since Mark Zuckerberg has announced that his users would see less organic content from businesses, marketers have to turn to advertise.
  • Instagram. The choice of content depends highly on how interesting it is to users and how they are engaged in the material offered.
  • Twitter. People are interested in the best tweets. That is Twitter who determines the best tweets so it’s very difficult to target your audience here.

Below are some tips to use while working with social media:

  • Explore what platforms your customers are using more frequently. Conduct surveys, polls, or interviews to learn that. Consider alternative channels to distribute your content like Quora, Zest, Outbrain, etc.  
  • Content is king. Focus on its quality. Provide compelling and engaging interaction between your company and users.  
  • Think how your employees can provide their input into social engagement of your customers. They can actually become a huge SMM power for your brands.  
  • Consider joining or creating a community. That will boost your user-generated content (UGC).  

These were three hot trends in B2B marketing that you should take into account in order to keep up with competitors and stay relevant.