Apps For selling old stuff and earning

In the world of current times, it becomes difficult to manage all our old and new stuff and sometimes it becomes necessary to engage in selling off some of them to cash in and invest in new products.

While in real life, finding buyers or sellers can become pretty difficult and time-consuming, technology makes it easier to manage these hassles.

There are some great apps available on Android and iOS platforms which make selling or buying things a breeze.

The ones discussed here are also available on the web and thus accessible by smartphone users and normal users alike.

In these apps, all you have to do is just click pictures of what you want to sell and upload it there with price and details which the apps push to the audience of buyers/sellers and attract interested people.


Usually, these apps come with chat features to connect you with the other party and facilitate transactions by sharing contact details, doing negotiations and meeting up for the final deal.

They provide easy categorization for the objects which are to be sold or bought such as Real Estate, Vehicles, Books, Furniture, etc.

Users usually have to create an account for posting ads and they can manage the ads which are active or expired from the account dashboard.

In a time where time is of the essence and saving time is absolutely necessary, these apps work a great deal to minimize time usage and stress and provide a marketplace that is easy to manage.


Here are some great apps which provide a marketplace platform to make the task of buyers or sellers easier:

  1. OLX

We have all heard of OLX. It has become a pretty common term for all whenever they have things to sell or buy as a suggestion from people.

Founded as an alternative of Craigslist for people outside the United States, the app has become very popular in India, Brazil, Pakistan, Bulgaria and many other countries.

It is used a lot in India and provides categorization for the objects to be sold or bought and uses a chat feature to connect the transacting parties.

With great traffic and a lot of users already on the website, it is very easy to find parties for selling or buying after posting the ads with details.

2. Quikr

Quikr is an Indian platform for posting ads and selling or buying things from people.

It also comes with an instant messaging feature to connect buyers and sellers.

The app is free to use with paid options for pushing the ads to a wider audience.

In most cases, using the free option works great in attracting customers and sharing contact details for making the deal.

3. Junglee

Junglee is a great marketplace for selling and buying everything from books, accessories,

movies, jewelry, etc from local people.

Owned by Amazon, the platform sells both old and used things and is easy to access and use.

A great thing is that all the apps discussed above are available for use on the web. They are also available on the mobile platforms Android and iOS both and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store and iTunes store, respectively. Tech news websites can also help in getting more information about these apps.