Buying a new iPhone for yourself is like a dream come true. Surely iPhone’s class is one of the best in the global market and most of the smartphone users like to have iPhone in their hands. But before purchasing the brand new iPhone you must have few important things to remember. Considering these important steps before buying iPhone will definitely help you to make the right decisions.

So here are 5 important to-do things to consider when buying a new iPhone.

Buy from Official store
A very first thing to keep in mind while purchasing a new iPhone is to buy from official Apple store or from the authorized dealer unless you are buying used or refurbished iPhone.

Locked / Unlocked
Before purchasing brand new iPhone, you have to decide that you want to be locked or unlocked iPhone. The locked smartphone is meant to be used with one particular carrier only. While on the other and Unlocked phone, as itself indicates unlocked for all carriers and can be used on any mobile phone carrier.
And keep this in mind that unlocked iPhones are slightly expensive than locked ones.

New Model Launch
Apple tends to launch a new model of iPhone every year in fall. So it’s a thoughtful step that if you wait for the launch then you can get many new exciting features while buying new iPhone. And also there is one more benefit behind this wait. If you want to purchase previous iPhone model than wait for new model launch because after the launch price of previous models gets down.

Colour choice
Choosing the colour for your iPhone which looks best to you is one the main steps which cannot be ignored. Most iPhones sold are either white or black at the front. Buying a rose gold colour iPhone is better option for you because this colour iPhone give you better resell value.

While acquiring new iPhone, most people only view price and model of iPhone, but it is equally important that you look for sufficient storage space as well. If you have enough money then it is recommended that buy iPhone with more storage space to hold your photos, videos, data, apps and other things.

Buying near Holidays
If you are looking to buy latest iPhone near holidays such as Christmas then may be its not right option for you. Because Apple doesn’t put sales on their Latest models. So don’t for the holiday season to come just go and buy iPhone.

Refurbished mobile phones
Refurbished mobiles are a great way to save cash. Refurbished mobile phones work almost like new phones and they come at lower cost price as compare to brand new iPhone. There are lot of websites available online which offers refurbished or used iPhones. You just have to put online order on these websites and your ordered get fulfilled at your doorstep.

Used iPhone: An option available
Buying used mobile phone is another option available for you if you do not have enough amount of money to buy new iPhone. Millions of people buy new mobile phones and sell their old mobile phones, which often work really smooth.

Make some calls and messages
It is always recommended that when you buy new used mobile phone always make some calls and messages to check if that mobile phone is working fine. This is also one of the recommended steps to follow.

Click some Photos
Although you are going to buy new iPhone and chances of set malfunctioning are second to none but to be on the safe side check its camera as well. Because mobile phone camera is one of that features that is mostly used. So check the camera to see if its working fine or not.

Take a look into the Mobile Box
Also when buying new iPhone, take a look at its box that all the accessories and gadgets offered by Apple are physically present there and working fine with your iPhone.

End Note:
These are few steps that you can keep in mind before purchasing a new iPhone. You have variety of choices like different styles, features and other options before getting hands to new iPhone mobile phone. By taking interest and time to learn these steps will help you a lot and give you great experience when buying an iPhone.