It’s finally here. A WhatsApp monitoring app for Android that doesn’t require a prior rooting. Previously, WhatsApp monitoring wasn’t something that could be done without modifying the software code on Android OS. And out of desperation, people would get the target Android devices rooted just to monitor WhatsApp on them.

Rooting isn’t a good idea. For instance, when you provide your employees with rooted devices just so you could monitor their WhatsApp, you are, in fact, risking the confidential data on their phones to internal and external threats, like hacking. In some cases, an Android device may ‘brick’ while attempting a root, making it permanently dead. Moreover, if you have manufacturer’s warranty on your phone, you may want to stay away from messing with it.

But there’s a WhatsApp monitoring app for Android that doesn’t require a root; it’s is called Xnspy. The app recently rolled an update with new features like WhatsApp monitoring without rooting, keylogging and more. XNSPY has come a long way since its first release in 2014. Now, it offers more than 35 features.

The new WhatsApp-related update seems promising but has a few limitations, like you can only monitor the incoming messages. According to the company, it’s due to the platform restrictions that only the incoming messages are monitored. “We have been working on improving how our service is used on unrooted devices, particularly regarding WhatsApp monitoring,” says, Jason Edmund, Creative Head, XNSPY. “With rooting, there are a plethora of limitations that have to be bypassed. For now, we are focusing on making our app available to unrooted devices. We will go as far as we could. Xnspy doesn’t require rooting Android devices for most of its functions. However, accessing data from third-party apps is a painstaking job.”

Why is it so important not to root Android devices?

Some reasons like ‘bricking’ and voiding warranty of your Android devices have already been mentioned but it’s not the reason why people want to have WhatsApp monitoring app for Android that works without rooting.

Rooting is a time-consuming process. When you tend to secretively install a spyware on someone’s phone, you just don’t have that kind of time. You can’t root a phone unless you have ample access to it. Just a few minutes won’t do it. You may be able to root an Android device if you are presenting it to someone like your spouse or child but can’t do on their pre-owned phones.

What do we suggest?

If you tend to use a monitoring app, make sure you give its BUY NOW section a thorough read. Look for those asterisks, terms, etc. Check the features that require rooting. This way, you can compare different spy apps easily. And obviously, if you want to monitor WhatsApp, you better check that too. We would also suggest you look for Xnspy Android reviews online too before you eventually hit that ‘Buy Now’ button.