• How Can I submit my article on Topicstalk.com?

If you are new on our blog then first you have to create an account. Then login into your account – add new post.

  • How many words does my article need to be submitted?

One article has a minimum requirement of 500 words. The article must be unique and high quality.

  • Why was my article put in Trash?

If your article is less than 500 words, poor quality or duplicate, then the topicstalk team will send it in the trash without any further notice to the author.

  • Once my article is published, can I edit my article?

After that article is published. You cannot edit your article.

  • Why is my account suspended?

If the user will try to submit duplicate content more than 1 time then topicstalk team might delete the account without any notification.

  • Can I submit adult, casino, gambling or drugs related content?

No, it is not allowed to submit articles related (porn, adult, casino, gambling or drugs etc). If we find any article related to those categories we will put in trash and suspended the user account.

  • Can I add my adsense ad code?

Right now it´s not possible.

  • How can I contact with topicstalk team?

If you have any query you can contact us via email: topicstalk.com@gmail.com

  • Can I publish my article Directly?

No, you are not allowed not publish article directly.

  • Can I create infographics?

Yes, you can, recently we added new function “ilist pro“. When you log in your account – dashboard – ilist pro.  There you can create your infographics, lists, graph etc.